The Unlikely Mercenaries

The Historical Writings of Evan Swiftfoot
Adventure Log

The Historical Writings of Evan Swiftfoot

Hello reader. My name is Evan Swiftfoot. I am a bard, a halfling, a father, a husband, and a writer. These days, I spend most of my time watching the children play and composing historical poems, but there was a time in my life that the quiet atmosphere of the homestead brought tears of boredom to my eye. So it might not surprise you to learn that, like many others, I set out to seek my fortune in the world. I soon discovered how little of the world I actually knew. I saw so many wondrous things in my travels, and a fair share of terrifyingly awful things as well, but I have never come across another story as incredible as the one I am about to tell. I am writing this book many years after the fact, but the visions are as clear to me now as they were then. Their story begins in the cramped room atop a mercenary siege tower. . .


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